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Our made to measure roller blinds are unique, flexible and functional.They are versatile and are suitable for most rooms; the simplicity of operation is probably why they have stood the test of time.The huge range has the latest designs and fabrics.Our rollers come with two operating options and can be operated by either a sidewinder chain,or a spring mechanism.

Roller Blinds for the Bedroom, Kitchen or Bathroom

We can supply roller blinds in a wide range of colours and we also have specialist materials, which include fire retardant,wipeable and blackout.Our blackout fabric are perfect for bedrooms. Our moisture resistant roller blinds are great for kitchens and bathrooms.

Motorised Roller Blinds

We can now offer remote controlled, battery operated rollers, which do away with cords, and offer convenience in operation. Up to 5 blinds can be operated by a single remote control.