If you’re searching for a blind that is versatile and suitable for most rooms, roller blinds are a great choice!

At Unique Blinds, our made to measure roller blinds are unique, flexible and functional. They are versatile and are suitable for most rooms, and the simplicity of their operation is probably why they have stood the test of time, and have remained popular throughout the years. Our huge range has the latest designs and fabrics, offering the perfect option for any home, and our roller blinds come with two operating options, with a choice of being operated by either a sidewinder chain or a spring mechanism. We now offer remote-controlled, Lithium rechargeable battery-powered rollers, which come without cords and offer unbeatable convenience. Up to five separate roller blinds can be operated by a single remote control, giving you a completely hassle-free way to control the light that enters your home around the clock.

To ensure that you can find a roller blind to suit your tastes and decor, we sell roller blinds in a wide range of colours and offer specialist materials. These include fire-retardant, wipeable, and blackout options. While a fire retardant roller blind may be perfect for peace of mind in the kitchen, a blackout fabric style is perfect for bedrooms, especially for those who don’t like to be woken by the sun as it rises. We also offer sheer fabrics for an elegant look. In addition to this, our moisture resistant roller blinds are great for kitchens and bathrooms, and will remain to look fantastic in the face of steam from either saucepans or the shower!

In addition to these great benefits of roller blinds, you’ll find that they can save you money on energy costs too. Through shading rooms, roller blinds can reduce the need for heating and air conditioning, which is particularly great for the wellbeing of staff in commercial buildings and will lower the building’s contribution to global warming. Commercial buildings are responsible for 40% of overall energy consumption in the UK, and you could save up to 14% on these costs (National Energy Foundation) by installing some of our high-quality roller blinds.

No matter which room you’re looking to update, or which style you’re searching for, our friendly team can help you to find the perfect roller blind for your needs. Contact us to find the best roller blinds for your home today.