Roman blinds are well suited in any room and come in a range of styles to suit all tastes.

Luxurious and elegant, Roman blinds are designed to pleat when raised, meaning that they look fantastic regardless of whether they’re drawn up or hanging down. A cross between a blind and a drapery, Roman blinds suit all rooms and will certainly be an eye-catching, decorative feature in any space. This type of blind is ideal for blocking strong sunlight from a room, and can even be transformed into a blackout blind for increased practicality. This blackout feature is perfect for bedrooms, especially during the summer if you’re not an early riser, and can help to create an atmospheric living room too. Roman blinds will also help to prevent draughts and can keep cold weather at bay, meaning that your rooms will be extra cosy with the addition of these.

At Unique Blinds, the options are endless when it comes to Roman blinds. We have contemporary styles as well as traditional designs, meaning that there’s a suitable option for every home. Our range includes everything from cool plain colours and textured fabrics to striking faux-silk and chenille, plus we offer luxurious velvet options too. Our Roman blinds are a beautiful alternative to curtains and cascade spectacularly to form a pleasing silhouette whilst providing all-important privacy for you and your family. Whether you want blinds that complement your current decor scheme or are looking for something that will be a real feature in the room, we will have the perfect fit for your requirements. Another great thing about Roman blinds is that they enable us to create several styles from elegant folds to stunningly clean lines, so you can truly pick something that suits your look. With hundreds of samples to choose from, you’re guaranteed to find a style that you love.

When it comes to operation, you have two choices when it comes to Roman blinds. First is the traditional cord and cleat system, which enables you to wrap the cord around a ‘cleat’ so that it doesn’t dangle freely. The second option uses a sidewinder, which is similar to a roller mechanism and is easier to use.

If Roman blinds sound like the perfect option for your home, contact us today. Our team is on-hand to help you to make the right decision for your home.